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Please Note:

A Non-Resident Firearms Declaration form must be presented in triplicate and signed in front of a Customs Officer along with a $25.00 (Canadian funds) fee.

CLICK HERE to download the form.
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The form is in PDF format and may be filled out and printed online.

The whitetail deer is the principal big game hunted in Nova Scotia. Our whitetail deer are big bodied with dressed weights that may run from 180-260 lbs with heads scoring in the average of 120’s to 140’s. Several Boone and Crocket deer are taken each year.

The province is broken up into 12 zones. You will hunting in zones 107, 108 and 109.

Hunting is done from ladder, climbing and lock-on stands along with some ground blinds, and your safety harness must be worn at all times while in the stand. Here at Farmland Outfitters, the areas in which we hunt for Deer are monitored by trail cameras.

As well as trying to do our part to protect the deer population we only allow bucks to be harvested with a minimum of 3 points on at least one side.

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